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Projects and Exercises


         Instructions: FTS Real Time Client Cloud Version

         Instructions: FTS Real Time Client 2020

         Getting Started

         Quick Introduction to the FTS Real Time Client Version

         Video: FTS Real Time Client Version


         For Instructors


          Student Performance Reports

Additional Equity Projects

         Accruals Anomaly Project

          Older version

         Value Investing Project

         Earnings Forecasts and PEAD

         Basic Equity Projects

          How Securities are Traded

          Understanding Risk and Return

          Understanding Beta

          Performance Measures

          Understanding Operating Risk

          Understanding Financial Risk

          Portfolio Diversification Projects

         FTS 30 Stock Case

         Australian Stocks Case

         Canadian Stocks Case

          Equity Portfolio Rebalancing

          Black-Litterman Model

          Long Short Strategies

          Sector Rotation Strategies


         Bond Project

          Duration and Interest Rate Risk


         International Projects

          Trading Currencies

          International Diversification


         Futures and Options Projects

          Introduction to Stock Index Futures

          Hedging with Futures

          The Cost of Carry Model

          Interpreting Futures Prices

          Futures Arbitrage

          Introduction to Options Trading

          Option Trading Strategies

          Applying the Black Scholes Model

          Interpreting Option Prices

          Hedging with Options

          Option Analyzer

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